About Primal Botanical

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Our Ingredients

  • Vermont-grown hemp, bred for high CBD content and low THC content (under 0.3% THC), and grown without pesticides in the fertile soil of northern Vermont.

  • Unrefined coconut oil or MCT coconut oil - always certified organic.

  • Sunflower lecithin. Lecithin is an essential nutrient found in many foods; it acts as an emulsifier and helps the body absorb and utilize cannabinoids more effectively. Increased bioavailability means more bang for your buck!

  • Essential oils are used for flavor in our CBD oil drops, and are carefully selected for their therapeutic benefits in our CBD rubs.

Our Process

Most CBD oil is produced using CBD which is extracted in a lab using CO2 or other solvents, and then added to a carrier oil. Primal Botanical CBD oil is different. Our oil is handcrafted from start to finish, using the time-honored method of low-and-slow heat (under 175º Fahrenheit) to infuse the hemp directly into the oil. We use certified organic coconut oil for our rubs, and certified organic coconut MCT oil for our liquid oils. Sunflower lecithin is added during the infusion process as an emulsifier, and has the added benefit of making the cannabinoids more bioavailable in the body. Some products have essential oils added, either for flavor or carefully selected for their therapeutic benefit. Our oil is third-party tested for accuracy in dosing. You can see our lab results HERE.


Meet the Herbalist: Annika McCann, RN

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My lifelong interest in health led me to the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, where I trained as a clinical herbalist in 1991. I became a registered nurse a few years later, but never stopped making my own medicines.

When I began experimenting with CBD on family members a few years ago, I was amazed by the powerful effect it had on both physical ailments and on mental/emotional distress. I decided to try making my own CBD oil and was delighted that my own formulations were even more effective than the pricy extracts manufactured in labs! I was so impressed that I started Primal Botanical to share my CBD oil with the world.

Now you can benefit from my decades of experience as a practicing herbalist, the medical knowledge I’ve gained working as a nurse and a health coach, and my research into cannabis pharmacology and the endocannabinoid system.